Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stimulus Package

My grocery receipt looks like a stimulus package for the grocery industry. Total was $111.51.
(At least it doesn't include any pork. heh heh.) Last week I spent $28.00 at the store, which I thought was good, but then I got pretty sick of eating my chili and chickpea/salmon salad every day. Thursday I ate dinner out $17.00, and I got a slice of pizza at lunch $5.00. Friday I ate lunch at the Japanese restaurant next door $12.00, and bought snacks at Joe's Market on the way home from work (wine, chips and chocolate. $10.00.)

Taking a different route this week, I bought more than enough for the week, planning to make food to freeze so I'm not caught flat footed, with nothing I want to take for lunch. I went to the store with three or four recipes buzzing in my head.

I bought: multigrain tortillas $3.99, salsa $2.99, creme fraich $4.49, sour cream $1.19, black beans 2@1.09, cannelloni beans $1.09, kidney beans$1.09, canola oil $3.19, brown sugar $1.33, cheddar cheese $7.69, Worcester sauce $1.59, sardines $2.50, milk$4.19, olives $1.59, can of red curry $1.19, organic crushed tomatoes 2@$2.19, tomato paste .89, tagilette pasta $3.49, Omega spread $2.89, chicken thighs $2.59, ground turkey $3.89, Better Than Bouillon $3.89, acorn squash $1.18, celery .78, green pepper $1.53, red pepper $1.45, zucchini $1.15, dill $2.29, rosemary $2.29, sliced mushrooms $2.49, 3 lemons $1.00, 5 lb onions $2.99, 2 bags frozen shrimp $9.98, toothbrushes $3.49, ziplok freezer bags $2.49, plastic containers $3.39, wax paper $1.99.

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