Friday, January 16, 2009

Eating doesn't change anything.

Thursday night it was really, really cold in Maine and I was hurrying from work to my second job, feeling sorry for myself. I decided to treat myself to dinner at a nearby restaurant, instead of just eating a power bar, like I’d planned. Well, the waitress was annoying, the food was pretty bad, and then I was mad at myself for spending too much money. Suddenly, it hit me: just eating a meal, even if the food had been delicious, was never going to change the fact it was so cold outside. Getting better restaurant service was not going to make me any happier about having to go to work. I really got the fact that eating doesn’t automatically make things better. This seems amazing because I always think eating something good will magically improve any of life's problems. But overeating can't change the weather. It just makes me fat! I hope I can remember that. It makes more sense to exercise to feel better, because that, at least, makes you stronger and healthier, positive changes to the body, not just adding an extra roll of fat somewhere.

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  1. I get in that mind frame too, thinking that I can eat out, or order pizza or whatever to treat myself when things are crappy. But, like you said, it doesn't fix anything. It just makes me fatter! That is something I definitely have to work on.