Sunday, August 2, 2009

Desperate to lose weight

Last week I re-attempted my version of the Atkins diet, because I'd had it with feeling fat and this is the only diet I've ever experienced immediate success on. I ate walnuts, macadamia nuts, almonds, peanuts, tuna fish, chicken salad, eggs, roast beef, cheese, Atkins drinks, minimal fruits and vegetables and no cereal, bread, rice or pasta.

Predictably, my need to pee tripled, as the protein, if not dammed up by carbs, seems to push the water right out of my body. A couple of times I felt dizzy. I lost two pounds. I really like my version of Atkins, except it makes me feel sick.

This week I am re-naming my diet the anti-Alzheimer's diet, because I really am terrified of developing that disease. I am drinking apple-pomegrante juice and eating blueberries every day, but still abstaining from grains. I truly think grain-carbohydrates make me fat. I am going to increase my greens this week. We'll see how I feel. This is all an experiment.


  1. Amy,

    I did the Atkins program several times and lost weight with it several times, but I also found the weight as soon as I started eating normal again. The problem with the program is that most people will not make that a life change. Eating healthy has to be a lifestyle instead of a diet.

    You definitely have the right approach with looking at your health. If you eat healthy, you can help fight against Alzheimers, cancer and many other things, but these fad diets just make you more susceptible to disease.

    Thanks for all the great information.


  2. I am always trying to lose a few lbs.
    Stop the Atkins diet, it is only temporary.
    My trick is no eating after 8 pm and I only eat REAL foods, like vegetables, lean meats, fruits, cheeses, nuts, etc. and I cut down on the sweets too. Though it is a slower process, it works and you keep the weight off!
    Try it! I am starting tomorrow! (AGAIN!)