Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cafe This Way

Last weekend I was on Mt Desert Island, in Maine, for a family reunion and afterward my sister and I had a vegan dinner at Cafe This Way in Bar Harbor.

I had pecan crusted tofu with a side of mashed root vegetables, delicious mixed sauteed vegetables and an appetiser of marinated mushrooms and seaweed "caviar," little, gelatinous balls that released a pleasant, salty taste as they popped between my teeth.)

The meal was so good, all the cells in my body sang with delight. Man, why isn't it possible to feel that good after every meal? What does it involve to eat that cleanly and happily every day? Maybe it was the absence of wheat flour products, or animal products, but my body seemed to say, "finally! You are giving me pure food, without fillers or toxins for me to sort through to find the nutrition." I felt great.

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