Saturday, December 20, 2008

What did you learn from your mother?

In all things nutritional, I think of my mother. ( See pictures above, my Mom from her childhood to old age). Not because she said "eat your vegetables." I don't remember getting any advice on that front from her, but I do look to her as a harbinger of my own fate. My mom is 84, in excellent health, except she has shrunk considerably (she didn't drink milk) and her brain is battered by Alzheimer's Disease. This is a condition her father also suffered from, in his late eighties. Naturally, I read everything I can on what to eat to avoid Alzheimer's: antioxidants are important, keeping cholesterol down is key, and, basically eating lots of greenery. Oh, also the spices in Indian food seems to prevent Alzheimer's. These are my challenges: eating to improve my health, lose weight and save money.

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