Sunday, February 15, 2009

I spent $40.83 at the Supermarket Today

What I bought:
crusty wheat bread $3.66, free range eggs $2.99
Genova brand Tonno Tuna in olive oil, $ 3.66 Goya Capers $2.59,
linguine $1.19, Parmesan cheese, $2.39, sour cream .99,
olives $1.13, peas $1.47, thin cut steak $3.36, cilantro $2.29,
carrots .83, ginger .25, 2 green peppers $2.74, spinach $1.99,
mushrooms $1.99, lemon .50, deodorant $3.22, dental floss $2.29

Last weekend I made two recipes from Women's Health Magazine,
Jambalya and Cozy Quinoa Casserole. I ate those two dishes all week,
plus pasta with veggies. This week I have made a Pan Bagnat, which is a
tuna, vinaigrette and hard boiled egg sandwich you wrap up in plastic
and marinate overnight with a brick on it, to flatten the sandwich. I think
I'm going to like it, the Genova canned tuna was expensive but out of this world
tasting (for canned tuna.) I also made a Salmon Kedgeree from the
MediterrAsian website, (brown rice, curry, peas, hard boiled egg, salmon,
cilantro.) and a Korean style steak stir fry from a recipe on Food Network.
I don't usually eat red meat, but I felt like I needed it. I put these dishes in
individual containers in the freezer and I will eat off that all week.

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  1. Just found your blog..... Interesting.....I’ll be back to read more.